A Design Framework for Building Services 2nd Edition (BG 6/2009) (X522)

This substantially revised 2nd edition takes into account the sweeping changes made by RIBA to stages E to F of its Plan of Work, introducing post-completion stages L1, L2 and L3, and the 2007 CIC Consultants Contract. Like its forerunners Allocation of Design Responsibilities for Building Engineering Services, TN 21/97 and TN 22/97 Example Drawings and A Design Framework for Building Services, BG 6/2006, this 2nd edition is an essential tool for the design engineer. Helps building services engineers take a more active part in discussions about how design activities can be clearly and openly allocated among the project team and focuses on the development of design drawings.

The specific resources that are included in the guide are pro-formas for allocating design activity, pro-formas for allocating drawing production and amended definitions of standard drawing types used for building services.

ISBN: 9780860226789

Author: Churcher, D.

Number of pages: 60

Publisher: BSRIA

Date of Publication: February 2009