Good Environmental Practices for Construction Sites

(15th July 2022)

The half-day CPD course will be delivered on the web using Zoom.

Adverse environmental impacts will arise at construction sites, irrespective of the location, size or nature of the development, and have the potential to affect the immediate neighbor, and also the natural and built environment. These will affect the programming of projects which may induce additional cost and time. Adverse environmental impacts can take many different forms, such as waste, noise, dust, etc., and can affect surrounding flora and fauna and the well-being of the staff working on the construction sites.

The task of preventing adverse environmental impacts or minimizing the risk of potential impacts is increasingly becoming the responsibility of resident site staff. This greater accountability at site level demands higher standards of environmental awareness and education of all resident site staff.

This CPD course will draw on good environmental practices for construction sites from the U.K., demonstrating new and innovative approaches. It will also highlight guidance developed from the 4th edition of CIRIA's Environmental good practice on site guide (CIRIA report C741).

Instructors: Ms Joanne Kwan

Language: Cantonese (with technical terms in English)

Date: 15th July 2022 (Friday), 1:15 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Venue: Your comfortable office or home

Cost: $700 (include an e-copy of course notes and an e-copy of Certificate of Attendance)

Early bird discount: $600 for registration completed on or before 8th July 2022

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