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Wastewater Management - 26th February 2018

Cities worldwide are continuously being expanded to cope with economic development and increasing populations. As a result, the provision and management of effective and efficient sewerage infrastructure has become increasingly critical to safeguard public health and to maintain an acceptable water environment for a better urban living quality supported by a healthy and diversified ecosystem.

This 1-day CPD course is based on the instructor's experience in developing Hong Kong's sewerage infrastructure since the 1970s when raw sewage collected by sanitary sewers (separated from storm drains) was given only preliminary treatment before being discharged into Victoria Harbour through submarine outfalls.

The Course is organized in two parts. An overview of Wastewater Management will be given in Part I of the Course. At the onset, a historical note is given on the evolution of wastewater management, both worldwide and in the Hong Kong context. This is followed by a comprehensive understanding of Hong Kong's sewerage infrastructure planning and policy issues. Salient technical considerations on sewage conveyance as well as wastewater treatment, disposal and reuse are then explained. Research & Development issues to meet continuing urbanization needs and Climate Change challenges are also addressed.

            Part II is on the Harbour Area Treatment Scheme (HATS) from its inception in the 1980s from the Sewage Strategy Study completed in 1989 until the full commissioning of HATS 2A in 2015. HATS 2A is the centre-piece of Hong Kong's Sewerage Infrastructure receiving sewage from 16 sewerage districts through deep tunnels for centralized Chemically Enhanced Primary Treatment at Stonecutters Island. Effluents are disinfected by chlorination before being disposed of into the Western Harbour via an outfall tunnel with multiple-port diffusers.

            The Course is most relevant to public and private sector professionals involved in urban planning and infrastructural development as well as water environmental scientists and managers. In addition, it is also useful to public health, water amenity and ecological professionals interested in wastewater effluent discharges into inland and coastal waters.

Language: Cantonese with technical terms in English

Date:  26th February 2018 (Wednesday) (8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m)

Venue: Crystal Ballroom, 2nd Floor, The Cityview (城景國際), 23 Waterloo Road, Yaumatei, Kowloon (MTR Yau Ma Tei Station Exit A2)

Cost: $1,780 (include coffee breaks, buffet lunch, course notes and attendance certificate)

Early bird discount: $1,600 for registration completed on or before 14th February 2018.

Registration:  (1) make a deposit or direct transfer to "Advanced Technovation Limited" at HSBC Account No. 400-304267-001 or prepare an e-cheque payable to "Advanced Technovation Limited"; (2a) register on line at adv-technovation.com; or (2b) fill in the reply slip and email the completed reply slip with the deposit slip, direct transfer receipt or e-cheque to support@adv-technovation.com

Questions: Please contact Miss Luk at 91208024, support@adv-technovation.com

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