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Notes of Past CPD Courses

Limited copies in parentheses of the notes of these past CPD courses are available for sale at $80 a copy including handling and postage:

"香港岩土工程千禧論文集" edited by Ir Dr. Albert T. Yeung, published by the HKIE

"Design and construction of large-diameter bored piles in Hong Kong" by Ir Dr. Albert T. Yeung - 13th January 2020 (2)

"Seismic resistant structures: Analysis and design. II. Conceptual design of concrete buildings and design to codes of practice" by Ir Professor J.S. Kuang – 4th December 2019 (1)

"Seismic resistant structures: Analysis and design. I. Seismology and seismic response of structures and buildings" by Ir Professor J.S. Kuang – 2nd December 2019 (1)

"Insurance and bond for the construction industry" by Mr. Michael L.K. Ho and Mr. Raymond Wong - 13th November 2019

"Flood management in Hong Kong" by Ir Professor P.K. Chan - 16th October 2019 (3)

"Applications of BIM in the construction industry" by Sr Joe K.F. Wu, Mr. Thomas Lee, Mr. Peter Wu, Miss Annie Cheng and Mr. David Fung - 26th August 2019 (3)

Ground improvement using surcharging with prefabricated vertical drains and compaction" by Ir Dr. Albert T. Yeung - 24th July 2019 (3)

"Green compliance without tears: A better understanding of the Hong Kong environmental laws" by Ir C.F. Lam - 12th June 2019 (5)

"Structural Concrete Design to Eurocode 2: Theory and Comparison with HKConcrete2013" by Ir Professor J.S. Kuang - 10th April 2019 (2)

"Groundwater flow and seepage: Geotechnical applications" by Ir Dr. Albert T. Yeung – 29th March 2018 (2)

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